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Greeting People

1 Hello./Hi. 2 Good morning. 3 Good afternoon. 4 Good evening. 5 How are you?/How are you doing? 6 Fine./Fine, thanks./Okay. 7 What’s new?/What’s new with you? 8 Not much./Not too much.

Leave Taking

9 Good-bye./Bye. 10 Good night. 11 See you later./ See you soon.

Introducing Yourself and Others

12 Hello. My name is…… Hi. I’m………. 13 Nice to meet you. 14 Nice to meet you, too. 15 I’d like to introduce….. This is……….

Getting Someone’s Attention Expressing Gratitude

16 Excuse me. 17 May I ask a question? 18 Thank you./Thanks. 19 You’re welcome.

Saying You Don’t Understand Calling Someone on the Telephone

20 I don’t understand./ Sorry. I don’t understand. 21 Can you please repeat that?/ Can you please say that again? 22 Hello. This is………. May I please speak to………? 23 Yes. Hold on a moment. 24 I’m sorry……….isn’t here right now.

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