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Sandro is studying English in England. The receptionist needs some information

Receptionist- SANDRO

What’s your family name?
– Bertoll.

And your first name?
– Sandro.

Could I have your address?
– 45 Alfred Road.

And the postcode?
– CB2211.

Now the receptionist is asking Sandro about himself and his family.

So. Sandro. where are you from? (or Where do you come from?)
– Italy.

Whereabouts in Italy? (or Where in Italy exactly?)
– Pisa.

What do you do in Pisa?(or What’s your fob?)
– I’m a doctor.

And are you married or single?
– I’m married.

Have you got any children?
– Yes. A boy and a girl.

How old are they?
– The boy’s six and the girl’s two

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