List B

bath or bathe? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
Ihavea BATH every morning (= I have
a wash in the bath).
I BATH thebabyeveryday(=washina
I have had a new BATH fitted.
We BATHE every day (= swim).
BATHE the wound with disinfectant
(= cleanse).
We have a BATHE whenever we can
(= a swim).
beach or beech? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
Budleigh Salterton has a stony BEACH.
BEECH trees shed their leaves in autumn.
berth or birth? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
We have a spare BERTH on our boat.
We are proud to announce the BIRTH of
between you and I Incorrect. Write: between you and me.
biannual or biennial? BIANNUAL means twice a year (not -n-).
BIENNIAL means every two years (a
biennial festival) or lasting for two years
(horticultural, etc). (not -ual)
blond or blonde? BLOND is used to describe men’s hair.
BLOND is used to describe women’s hair
A BLONDE is a woman.
board or bored? A BOARD is a piece of wood, also a
committee or similar group of people.
To BOARD means to get on (train, etc.
and also to pay for living in someone’s
house and having food provided.
BORED means uninterested.
boarder or border? A BOARDER is a person who pays to live
in someone’s house.
A BORDER is the edge or boundary of
born or borne? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
Dickens was BORN in Portsmouth.
She has BORNE five children.
He has BORNE a heavy burden of guilt all
his life.
borrow or lend? May I BORROW your pen? (= use your
pen temporarily)
Please LEND me your pen. (= pass it to
me and allow me to use it)
bought or brought? BOUGHT is the past tense of to buy.
She BOUGHT eggs, bacon and bread.
BROUGHT is the past tense of to bring
They BROUGHT their books home.
breath or breathe? BREATH is the noun, and rhymes with
He called for help with his dying
BREATHE is the verb and rhymes with
BREATHE deeply and fill those lungs!
broach or brooch? You BROACH adifficulttopicor
BROACH abottle.
You wear a BROOCH.