List F

facilities or faculties? FACILITIES = amenities
FACULTIES = mental or physical
farther or further? Both words can be used to refer to
physical distance although some writers
prefer to keep ‘farther’ for this purpose.
I can walk FARTHER than you.
I can walk FURTHER than you.
FURTHER is used in a figurative sense:
Nothing was FURTHER from my mind.
FURTHER is also used in certain
FURTHER education
until FURTHER notice
fewer or less? FEWER is the comparative form of ‘few’.
It is used with plural nouns:
FEWER vegetables
FEWER responsibilities
FEWER children
LESS is the comparative form of ‘little’.
It is used in the sense of ‘a small amount’
rather than ‘a fewer number of ’:
LESS enthusiasm
LESS sugar
LESS petrol
LESS THAN is used with number alone,
and expressions of time and distance:
LESS THAN athousand
LESS THAN ten seconds
LESS THAN four miles
It is considered incorrect to use ‘less’
nstead of ‘fewer’ although such confusion
s frequent in popular speech.
As a rule of thumb, remember:
FEWER =notsomany
LESS =notsomuch
foreword or forward? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
The Poet Laureate had written a
FOREWORD for the new anthology.
I am looking FORWARD to the holiday.
Will you please FORWARD this letter?
formally or formerly? FORMALLY = in a formal manner
FORMERLY = previously, at an earlier