List H

hiccough or hiccup? Both words are pronounced ‘hiccup’ and
either spelling can be used. The second
spelling (hiccup) is more usual.
high-tech or hi-tec? Both spellings are correct for the adjective
derived from high technology:
A HI-TEC factory
A HIGH-TECH computer system
Without the hyphen, each word can be
used as a noun replacing ‘high
A generation familiar with HIGH TECH
The latest development in HI TEC
historic or historical? HISTORIC means famous in history,
memorable, or likely to go down in
recorded history:
a HISTORIC meeting
HISTORICAL means existing in the past
or representing something that could have
happened in the past:
Note It would not be wrong to say or
write an historic meeting, an historical
novel, an historical fact. However, this
usage of an before words like hotel,
historic and historical is becoming much
less common, now that the h beginning
these words is usually voiced.
human or humane? HUMAN beings are naturally competitive.
There must be a more HUMANE way of
slaughtering animals.
hyper- or hypo-? The prefix ‘hyper’ comes from a Greek
word meaning ‘over’, ‘beyond’. Hence we
have words like these:
hyperactive (= abnormally active)
hypermarket (= a very large self-service
hypersensitive (= unusually sensitive)
The prefix ‘hypo’ comes from a Greek
word meaning ‘under’. Hence we have
words like these:
hypochondria (the melancholy associated
with obsession with one’s health was
originally believed to originate in the
organs beneath the ribs)
hypodermic (= under the skin)