List P

palate, palette, pallet PALATE = the top part of the inside of
your mouth
PALETTE = a small board with a hole
for the thumb which an artist uses when
mixing paints
PALLET = a platform used to lift and to
carry goods
partake or participate? PARTAKE = to share with others
(especially food and drink)
PARTICIPATE =tojoininanactivity;
to play a part in
They PARTOOK solemnly of lamb, herbs
and salt.
Will you be able to PARTICIPATE in the
firm’s pension scheme?
passed or past? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
You PASSED me twice in town
In the PAST, women had few rights.
In PAST times, women had few rights.
Iwalk PAST your house every day.
peace or piece? There were twenty-one years of PEACE
between the two wars.
Would you like a PIECE of pie?
pedal or peddle? a PEDAL = a lever you work with your
PEDDLE = to sell (especially drugs)
peninsula or
PENINSULA isanounmeaninganarrow
piece of land jutting out from the
mainland into the sea. It is derived from
two Latin words: paene (almost) and
insula (island).
Have you ever camped on the Lizard
PENINSULAR is an adjective, derived
from the noun:
The PENINSULAR War (1808–1814) was
fought on the Iberian PENINSULA
between the French and the British.
Note: It may be useful in a quiz to know
that the P&O shipping line was in 1837
The Peninsular Steam Navigation Company
(it operated between Britain and the
Iberian Peninsula). In 1840, when its
operation was extended to Egypt, it
became the Peninsular and Oriental Steam
Navigation Company (hence P&O).
personal or personnel? Sarah has taken all her PERSONAL
belongings with her.
She was upset by a barrage of PERSONAL
All the PERSONNEL will be trained in
first aid.
Write to the PERSONNEL office and see
if a vacancy is coming up.
(Note the spelling of personnel with -nn-)
Note: Personnel Officers are now often
called Human Resources Officers.
perspicacity or
PERSPICACITY =discernment,
shrewdness, clearness of understanding
PERSPICUITY = lucidity, clearness of
possible or probable? POSSIBLE = could happen
PROBABLE =verylikelytohappen
practical or
A PRACTICAL person is one who is good
at doing and making things.
A PRACTICAL suggestion is a sensible,
realistic one that is likely to succeed.
A PRACTICABLE suggestion is merely
one that will work. The word ‘practicable’
means ‘able to be put into practice’. It
does not carry all the additional meanings
of ‘practical’.
practice or practise? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
PRACTICE makes perfect.
An hour’s PRACTICE every day will yield
The young doctor has built up a busy
In the examples above, ‘practice’ is a
You should PRACTISE every day.
In these examples, ‘practise’ is a verb.
precede or proceed? PRECEDE =togoinfrontof
PROCEED = to carry on, especially after
having stopped
principal or principle? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
Rebuilding the school is their PRINCIPAL
aim. (= chief)
The PRINCIPAL announced the results.
(= chief teacher)
His guiding PRINCIPLE was to judge no
one hastily. (= moral rule)
program or
Use PROGRAM when referring to a
computer program.
Use PROGRAMME on all other occasions.