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wander or wonder? Iloveto WANDER through the forest.
(rhymes with girl’s name, Wanda)
I WONDER what has happened to him.
(rhymes with ‘under’)
whiskey or whisky? WHISKEY is distilled in Ireland.
WHISKY is distilled in Scotland.
who’s or whose? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
WHO’S been eating my porridge? (= who
WHO’S coming to supper? (= who is)
WHOSE calculator is this? (= belonging
to whom)
There’s a girl WHOSE cat was killed.
wining or winning? wine + ing = wining
win + ing = winning
wreath or wreathe? Use these exemplar sentences as a guide:
She lay a WREATH of lilies on his grave.
(= noun)
Look at him WREATHED in cigarette
smoke. (verb, rhymes with ‘seethed’)

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