Alphabet-Alphabet Song

The Alphabet

The Alphabet Song

A for apple and
B   for ball
C for cat and
D for doll
E   for egg and
F  for frog
G for glass  and
H for hat
I   for igloo and
J   for jam
K   for kite and
L   for lamb
M for man  and
N   for net
O for onion  and
P   for pen
Q for queen and
R   for ring
S   for star  and
T   for train
U   for umbrella and
V  for van
W for watch and
X   in box
Y   for yacht and
Z   for zoo

Now I know it, so do you!

A,b,C,d -letters
A,B,C     –   capital letters
a,b,c – small letters
a,e,lo,u – vowels
b,c,d,f,g, etc. – consonants
apple,ball – words