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What’s the time?

What’s the time? Half  past eight. Go to school. Don’t be late!
What’s the time? Half past ten. Out to play. Come on, Ben!
What’s the time?
Half past one.
Time to eat for everyone!
What’s the time? Half past three.
Let’s go home.
Now we’re free!

  1. one o’clock
  2. five past one
  3. ten past one
  4. (a) quarter past one
  5. twenty past one
  6. twenty-five past one
  7. half past one
  8. twenty-five to two
  9. twenty to two
  10. (a) quarter to two
  11. ten to two
  12. five to two

Use minutes with to and past when the number of minutes is not five, ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty-five,
e.g. three minutes past six not past six.

day ,night
12 am,12 pm

9 a.m.              nine o’clock in the morning
12.00 p.m.    midday
5 p.m.             five o’clock in the afternoon
7 p.m.            seven o’clock in the evening
7.57               nearly/almost eight o’clock
8.02               just after eight
11.30 p.m.   eleven thirty at night
12.00 a.m.    midnight


Time – Numbers, Date, Time – Photo Dictionary


Time - Numbers, Date, Time - Photo Dictionary

1. clock

2. hour hand

3. minute hand

4. second hand

5. face

6. (digital) watch

7. (analog) watch

Time - Numbers, Date, Time - Photo Dictionary

8. twelve o’clock (midnight)

9. twelve o’clock (noon/midday)

10. seven (o’clock)

11. seven oh five/ five after seven

12. seven ten/ ten after seven

13. seven fifteen/ (a) quarter after seven

14. seven twenty/ twenty after seven

Time - Numbers, Date, Time - Photo Dictionary

15. seven thirty

16. seven thirty-five/ twenty-five to eight

17. seven forty/ twenty to eight

18. seven forty-five/ (a) quarter to eight

19. seven fifty/ ten to eight

20. seven fifty-five/ five to eight

21. eight a.m./ eight (o’clock) in the morning

22. eight p.m./ eight (o’clock) in the evening