07. This/ These, Is/ are, Singular/ Plural Nouns

This is a ship. These are ships.

This ship is in the bottle. These ships are on the water.

This is water. This is bottle. The bottle is in a man’s hand.
This is a glass. It is on the table.

Now the glass is off the table. The glass and the water are on the floor.

Singular, Plural Nouns; count nouns and noncount nouns.

This is a bottle and this is a bottle.
This is a glass and this is a glass. These are glasses.

That is a bird and that is a bird. Those are birds. They are birds.
That man and that woman are there. This man and this woman are here.

This is a man. There are his arms. These are his legs. These are his feet.
This is an arm. This is a leg. This is a foot.

This is a table. These are its legs. Its feet are on the floor.
This is a seat. These are its arms. These are its legs. Its feet are on the floor.