Park – Playground


1. jogging path
2. rest rooms
3. statue
4. picnic area
5. picnic table
6. grill

7. trash can

8. merry-go-rouncl/ carousel

9. fountain
10. zoo

11. water fountain
12. band shell
13. bridle path
14. bike rack

15. duck pond
16. bicycle path/ bikeway

17. bench

18. playground
19. jungle gym
20. monkey bars
21. slide
22. swings
23. tire swing

24. seesaw
25. wading pool

26. sandbox
27. sand

Playground, pre-scholl – Picture Dictionary

Playground, pre-scholl - Picture Dictionary

1 scooter

2 swings

3 jungle gym

4 bench

5 seesaw/teeter-totter

6 slide

7 sandbox

8 sand


Playground, pre-scholl - Picture Dictionary

9 kite

10 skateboard

11 tricycle

12 Rollerblades™

13 roller skates


Playground, pre-scholl - Picture Dictionary

14 easel

15 toys

16 doll

17 book

18 building blocks

19 coloring book

20 crayon

21 paints

22 paintbrush

23 safety scissors

24 jigsaw puzzle

25 glue

amusement park: a park operated as a business that has rides, games, and other entertainment

  • All of the children wanted to go on the rides at the amusement park.

botanical garden: a park where plants are cultivated and identified for the public

  • There was a beautiful display of orchids at the botanical garden.

national or state park: a parcel of land reserved by the government and administered by the government for preservation and recreation

  • You can get a lot of information from the government about visiting the national parks.

park: an outdoor place reserved for the pleasure of the public

  • We had a picnic in the park.

playground: a park set aside for children to play in, usually with swings and other equipment for them to play on

  • The kids were tired after an afternoon at the playground.

theme park: an elaborate amusement park that is developed around one particular idea, such as a historical time or place, a popular character, or other special interest

  • We saw a lot of movie and TV characters at the theme park.

zoo: a park where animals are kept and shown to the public

  • The children loved seeing the giraffes at the zoo.