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Household problems and repairs

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A plumber
1 The bathtub is leaking.
2 The sink is clogged.
3 The hot water heater isn’t working.
4 The toilet is broken.
B roofer
5 The roof is leaking.
C (house) painter
6 The paint is peeling.
7 The wall is cracked.
D cable TV company
8 The cable TV isn’t working.
E appliance repairperson
9 The stove isn’t working. 10 The refrigerator is broken.
F exterminator/pest control specialist
11 There are… the kitchen.
a termites
b fleas
c ants
d bees
e cockroaches
f rats
g mice

G locksmith
12 The lock is broken.
H electrician
13 The front light doesn’t go on.
14 The doorbell doesn’t ring.
15 The power is out in the living room.
I chimneysweep
16 The chimney is dirty.
J home repairperson/ “handyman”
17 The tiles in the bathroom are loose.
K carpenter
18 The steps are broken.
19 The door doesn’t open.
L heating and air conditioning service
20 The heating system is broken.
21 The air conditioning isn’t working.

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