1 (store) directory
2 Jewelry Counter
3 Perfume Counter
4 escalator
5 elevator
6 Men’s Clothing Department
7 customer pickup area
8 Women’s Clothing Department
9 Children’s Clothing Department
10 Housewares Department
11 Furniture Department/ Home Furnishings Department
12 Household Appliances Department
13 Electronics Department
14 Customer Assistance Counter Customer Service Counter
15 men’s room
16 ladies’ room
17 water fountain
18 snack bar
19 Gift Wrap Counter


boutique: a small specialty store that sells goods carefully chosen for a particular type of customer and usually offers unique items that are not available at chain stores

  • Her sister has individual style and shops only at boutiques.

box store: a large chain store that has a similar structure and layout in each location

  • If you need hardware for a project, you can go to a local hardware store or to a big box store.

chain store: one of many stores owned and operated by the same company

  • With so many chain stores, our cities are becoming more alike.

department store: a large store that usually has several floors, elevators and escalators, and separate departments for each type of purchase—for example, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, linens, kitchen equipment, etc.

  • It is very convenient to shop at a department store where you can find things for the whole family as well as household goods.

discount store: a store that sells goods at a lower price than the one suggested by the manufacturer

  • You can save a lot of money by buying at a discount store, but you don’t get any help in selecting your purchases.

mall store: a chain store often located with other chain stores in a shopping mall

  • My friend loves to shop at her favorite mall stores.

outlet: a store that sells goods from a particular manufacturer, at a lower price

  • Outlets are often grouped together in malls on the outskirts of cities.