School – Picture Dictionary




SCHOOL 1 School english through pictures
1. office
SCHOOL 2 School english through pictures
2. nurse’s office
3. guidance office
19. (school) nurse
20. guidance counselor
SCHOOL 3 School english through pictures
4. cafeteria
21. lunchroom monitor
SCHOOL 4 School english through pictures
5. principal’s office
17. principal
18. assistant principal
SCHOOL 5 School english through pictures
6. classroom
7. locker
24. teacher
SCHOOL 6 School english through pictures
8. language lab
SCHOOL 7 School english through pictures
9. chemistry lab
SCHOOL 8 School english through pictures
10. teachers’ lounge
SCHOOL 9 School english through pictures
11. gym/gymnasium
25. coach
SCHOOL 10 School english through pictures
12. locker room
SCHOOL 11 School english through pictures
13. auditorium
26. custodian
SCHOOL 12 School english through pictures
14. field
15. bleachers
SCHOOL 13 School english through pictures
16. track

SCHOOL 14 School english through pictures
22. cafeteria worker
SCHOOL 15 School english through pictures
23. driver’s ed instructor


Classroom – School – Picture Dictionary



Classroom - School - Picture Dictionary

1 nursery school/pre-school

2 kindergarten

3 elementary school

4 junior high/middle school


Classroom - School - Picture Dictionary

5 high school

6 college/university

7 graduates

8 technical/vocational school

9 adult education classes




Classroom - School - Picture Dictionary

10 teacher

11 blackboard/ chalkboard

12 desk

13 textbook

14 student

15 television

16 video cassette recorder

17 cassette/CD player

18 chalk

19 overhead projector


Classroom - School - Picture Dictionary

20 bulletin board

21 poster

22 computer

23 whiteboard

24 whiteboard marker


School - Picture Dictionary
1 triangle
2 ruler
3 protractor
4 compass
5 eraser
6 notebook
7 (ballpoint) pen
8 pencil
9 pencil sharpener
10 calculator


School - Picture Dictionary
11. tongs
12 bunsen burner
13 beaker
14 graduated cylinder
15 pipette
16 goggles
17 test tube

18 mat
19 screen
20 keyboard
School - Picture Dictionary
21 headphones
22 tray



academy: a private school

  • He was educated at a very expensive academy.

college: education beyond high school, where students take general required courses and specialize in a particular area of study leading to a bachelor’s degree

  • Her mother made sure that she would be able to go to college.

elementary school: a school that contains classes from kindergarten through grade five or six

  • Most children go to an elementary school near where they live.

graduate school: the university programs that lead to advanced degrees, including special schools such as law school, medical school, dental school, and business school

  • Many students have full-time jobs and go to graduate school classes in the evening.

high school: a school that contains classes from grades nine or ten through twelve

  • Graduation from high school is a requirement for admission to a college or university, and for many jobs.

kindergarten: the first year of school, required in the United States by children aged five

  • Many children learn to read in kindergarten.

middle school: a school that contains classes from grade six or seven to grade eight or nine

  • Middle school students are usually in the beginning stages of adolescence.

preschool: a school for children aged three or four

  • Preschool is a good introduction to school for small children.

private school: a school administered by a private organization, business, church, or other group

  • Most private schools require the students to wear uniforms.

public school: a school administered by a local government where instruction is free

  • All of their children go to public school.

school: a place for learning

  • He is going to open a cooking school in the city.

university: a college that has four-year bachelor’s degree programs and also offers graduate programs where students can do more in-depth study of a chosen subject, leading to a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree

  • Some students prefer to get a bachelor’s degree from a small college and then go to a large university for a master’s degree.