At a hotel

At a hotel– Situational Dialogues – How to say

At a hotel– Situational Dialogues – How to say


I wonder whether you have any vacancies for tonight.

Yes, I can offer you Room 24 on the first floor.

How much is it?

£27.50 a night excluding service.

Can I see it, please?

Certainly. Would you take a seat for a moment?


Have you a single room for two nights?

Yes, but only on the top floor.

What price is it?

£34 with service and TV.

Fair enough. Can you show me the room, please?

Of course. Would you like to follow me?


Can I book a double room from now to Friday?

You can have Room 33, overlooking the sea.

What’s the price?

£28.75 not counting the service.

Can I have a look at it, please?

Yes, of course. Come this way.


Have you got a twin bedded room for one night?

I can let you have a room at the back.

What does it cost?

With a private bath, £31, service included.

Can you show me something a little cheaper?

Yes, of course. I won’t keep you a moment.