Complaining– Situational Dialogues – How to say

Complaining– Situational Dialogues – How to say


A              I wish you wouldn’t have your TV so loud.

B              Sorry! Were you trying to sleep?

A              Yes, and while I think of it, please ask when you borrow the iron.

B              I really ought to have known better. Sorry!



A              Do you think you could keep the noise down a bit?

B              Sorry! Have I been keeping you awake?

A              Yes, and another thing, would you mind not using my toothpaste?

B              I’m sorry. I thought you didn’t mind.



A              That radio’s terribly loud. Could you turn it down a fraction?

B              Sorry! Is it disturbing you?.

A              Yes, and something else, wouldn’t it be an idea to buy your own soap?

B              Sorry! I didn’t realise you felt so strongly about it.



A              Do you have to have that music on quite so loud?

B              Sorry! Is it bothering you?

A              Yes, and while I’m about it, please don’t use the phone without asking.

B              So sorry! I meant to ask you, but you were out.