On a bus

On a bus – Situational Dialogues – How to say

On the bus -  Situational Dialogues - How to say

– Does this bus go to the station?
– Am I OK for St. Mary’s Church?
– Do you go to the seafront?
– Is this the right bus for the Town Hall?

– No, you’ll have to get off at the bank and take a 192.
– No, we only go as far as the park, but you can walk from there.
– No, you’re going the wrong way. You want a 143 from the church.
– No, you should’ve caught a 12. Jump out at the bridge and get one there.

– Can you tell me where to get off?
– How much further is it?
– Have we got much further to go?
-Could you tell me when we get there?

– It’s the next stop but one.
– It’s quite a way yet, but I’ll tell you in good time.
– It’s the next stop.
– It’s three stops after this one.