Television – Situational Dialogues – How to say

Television – Situational Dialogues – How to say


A              Is there anything worth watching on the other channels?

B              I think there’s a western.

A              Do you mind if we switch over?

B              Well, I rather wanted to see the football match.



A              Do you happen to know what’s on after the news?

B              I’ve got a feeling it’s a documentary.

A              Does anybody mind if I watch it?

B              Don’t you want to see part two of the serial?



A              Do you remember what comes on next?

B              I believe there’s a variety show on.

A              We mustn’t miss that.

B              Let me look at the Radio Times first.



A              What’s on BBC2 at eight o’clock?

B              As far as I can remember there’s a quiz programme.

A              Would you mind if I watched it?

B              No, I’ve been looking forward to it all evening.