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Thanks for hospitality – Situational Dialogues – How to say

Thanks for hospitality – Situational Dialogues – How to say


A              It’s time we were off.

B              So soon? Can’t you stay a little longer?

A              I wish I could, but I’m late already.

B              What a shame!

A              Thank you for a wonderful meal.

B              I’m glad you enjoyed it.



A              I really must be going now.

B              But you’ve only just come. Wouldn’t you like to stay for a snack?

A              That’s very kind of you, but I mustn’t be too late.

B              What a pity?

A              Thanks very much for the party.

B              It was a pleasure to have you.

A              I think it’s about time we made a move.

B              What already? Won’t you have another coffee?

A              I’d love to, but I have to be up early tomorrow.

B              Oh dear! What a shame!

A              Thank you for a most enjoyable evening.

B              Not at all. Hope you can again.



A              If you’ll excuse me, I really should be off now.

B              Not yet surely. Have another drink at least.

A              No, thank you all the same.

B              Oh dear! What a pity!

A              Thank you very much indeed for the delicious meal.

B              Thank you for coming.

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