Weather – Situational Dialogues – How to say

Weather  – Situational Dialogues – How to say


A              Fairly mild for the time of year.

B              Yes. Quite different from the forcast.

A              They say we’re in for snow.

B              Let’s hope it keeps fine for the weekend.



A              It seems to be clearing up.

B              It makes a change, doesn’t it?

A              Apparently it’s going to turn colder.

B              Still, another month should see us through the worst of it.



A              Nice and bright this morning.

B              Yes, much better than yesterday.

A              The wind’ll probably get up later.

B              As long as it doesn’t rain.

A              It’s good to see the sun again.

B              A big improvement on what we have been having.

A              It’s supposed to cloud over this afternoon.

B              I didn’t think it would last.