What shall we do this evening

What shall we do this evening – Situational Dialogues – How to say

What shall we do this evening – Situational Dialogues – How to say



How would you like to come bowling?

I’m not overly keen, actually.

What about a chinese meal, then?

No, I thought I’d have an evening at home for a change.


Do you fancy a game of tennis?

It’s nice of you to ask, but I don’t think so.

Well, how about coming to see Tony?

No, I honestly can’t afford the time.


Feel like a stroll in the park?

I don’t think I will, thanks all the same.

Come on. A spot of exercise would do us good.

No, if you don’t mind I think I’ll stay in tonight.


Let’s go ice skating.

No, I’m really not in the mood for it this evening.

Then why don’t we just go out for coffee?

No, really. I’ve promised myself an early night.




How about coming out for a drink with me this evening?

I’d like that very much. Thank you.

Shall we say round about eight?

Fine. See you then.


Why don’t we go for a drive in the country?

That would be very nice. Thank you.

I’ll pick you up about 7.30.

Right. See you later.


Do you feel like going to the cinema?

That sounds like a good idea. Thank you.

Let’s make it 6.30 at your place.

That’ll be OK by me.


Would you like to come to a party with me tonight?

I’d love to. Thank you very much.

I’ll call round for you after supper.

OK. I’ll be ready.