Above and Over

– Above and Over = higher than

A is above/over B

different above over

  • There’s a spider on the ceiling just above/over your head.

– Above = one thing is not directly over another

A is above B (not A is over B)

different above over

  • We’re got a little house above the lake.

– Over = one thing covers another

A is over B

A is over B

  • There is cloud over the Southe of England

– Over (Across) = one thing crosses another

A is (moving) over/across B

  • Electricity cables stretch over/across the fields.
  • The plane was flying over/across the Channel.

– Over = more than

  • “How old are you?” “Over thirty”
  • He’s over two meters tall.

– Above = more than in some expressions particularly (vertical scale..)

  • Above zero (for temperatures)
  • Above sea-level
  • Above average