every and every one

1. We use every before a singular noun

every + singular noun

  • I see her every day (NOT… every days)
  • Every room is being used

2. We use every one of before a pronoun or determiner (for example the, my, these). The pronoun or noun is plural

every one of us/you/them
every one of + determiner + plural noun

  • His books are wonderful. I’ve read every one of them
  • Every one of the plates is broken

3. We can use every one without a noun

  • Every one is broken
  • I’ve read every one

4. Every is used with a plural noun in expressions like every three days, every six weeks

  • I go to Italy every six weeks

5. Everybody, everyone and everything are used with singular verbs, like every.

  • Everybody has gone home (NOT Everybody have…)
  • Everything is ready.