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Note that these verbs collocate with have rather than any other verb (e.g. get or make).

have an accidentMr Grey had an accident last night but he’s OK now.
have an argument / a rowWe had an argument / a row about how to fix the car.
have a breakLet’s have a break when you finish this exercise.
have a conversation/chatI hope we’ll have time to have a chat after the meeting.
have difficultyThe class had difficulty understanding what to do.
have a dream/nightmareI had a nightmare last night.
have an experienceI had a frightening experience the other day.
have a feelingI have a feeling that something is wrong.
have fun / a good timeI’m sure you’ll have fun on the school trip.
have a lookThe teacher wanted to have a look at what we were doing.
have a partyLet’s have a party at the end of term.
have a problem / problemsAsk the teacher if you have problems with the exercise.
have a try/goI’ll explain what to do and then you can have a go/try.


pay attentionYou must pay attention to the teacher.
pay a complimentI was trying to pay her a compliment but she misunderstood.
pay your (last) respectsAt a funeral people pay their last respects to the person who has died.
pay tribute [formal]When Jack retired, his boss made a speech paying tribute to all he had done for the company.

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