List T

taping or tapping? tape + ing = taping
tap + ing = tapping
testimonial or
TESTIMONIAL = formal statement in the
form of an open letter bearing witness to
someone’s character, qualifications and
relevant experience
TESTIMONY = formal written or spoken
statement of evidence, especially in a
court of law
thank you or
I should like to THANK YOU very much
for your help.
THANK YOU for your help.
Ihavewrittenallmy THANK-YOU
You will see that ‘thank you’ is NEVER
written as one word. It is hyphenated
only when used as a compound adjective
describing ‘letter’ or another noun.
Those who care about such things can
never bring themselves to buy otherwise
attractive thank-you cards that have
THANKYOU or THANK-YOU printed on
troop or troupe? TROOP refers to the armed forces or to
groups of people or particular animals:
a TROOP of scouts
a TROOP of children
a TROOP of monkeys
TROUPE refers to a group of touring
actors, dancers, musicians or other