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die awaydiminish in intensityThe applause died away after 5 minutes.
die downdiminish in intensityThe controversy about the president’s affair finally died down.
die off/outbecome extinctWhales are in danger of dying off.
disagree with +cause to feel sick due to food or drinkSpicy food disagrees with me.
do away with +abolishSome Americans want to do away with the death penalty.
do * over +repeatYou made many mistakes, so I want you to do the report over.
do without +manage without something one wants or needsI couldn’t do without a car in California.
draw * up +create ( a contract)Let’s draw an agreement up before we go any further with this project.
dress * downreprimand severelyThe mother dressed her son down for skipping school.
dress downdress casuallyI am dressing down because we’re going to a barbecue by the beach.
dress * up +decorateYou could dress this house up with some bright colors
dress upwear elegant clothesShe always dresses up at work.
drive * back +repulseThe invaders were driven back by the army.
drop invisit someone unexpectedlyMeg dropped in yesterday after dinner.
drop in on +visit someone unexpectedlyLet’s drop in on Julie since we’re driving by her house.
drop outquit an organized activityYuri isn’t on the team any more. He dropped out.
drop out of +quit an organized activity (school)It’s difficult to get a good job if you drop out of high school.
drop overvisit someone casuallyDrop over any time you feel like talking.

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