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face up to +acknowledge something difficult or embarrassingI’ll never be able to face up to my colleagues after getting so drunk last night at the work party.
fall back on +be able to use in case of emergencyYuki can fall back on her degree in biology if she doesn’t succeed in her acting career.
fall behindgo slower than scheduled, lagHurry up or you will fall behind!
fall behind in +go slower than scheduled, lagCheryl has missed several days of school and now she is falling behind in her homework.
fall offdecreaseInterest in the project fell off when they realized it wouldn’t be profitable.
fall out with +have an argument withI had a falling out with my sister last month and we haven’t talked to each other since.
fall throughfail to happenUnfortunately, my trip to Indonesia fell through because I couldn’t save enough money.
feel * up +gropeShe sued her boss for sexual harassment after he felt her up.
feel up to +have the energy to do somethingI don’t feel up to going out tonight because I had a long day at work.
figure on +expectWhere do you figure on living when you move to the the U.S.A.?
figure * out +solve something, understandI finally figured the joke out. Now I understand why everybody was laughing.
figure * up +calculateI need to figure my expenses up before I give you an estimate.
fill * in +completeDon’t forget to fill in all the blanks on the application.
fill insubstituteWho is going to fill in while you’re gone?
fill in for +substitute forMiguel filled in for me at the meeting yesterday because I was sick.
fill * out +complete (an application)I filled out an application to rent the apartment last week.
fill outmature, get breastsNow that you’re filling out honey, we need to get you a bra.
fill * up +fill to the topFill the car up with unleaded gas, please.
find out +discoverYou will never find out all my secrets!
find outdiscoverVicky’s parents are going to be so mad when they find out she got a tattoo.
fix * up +repair, renovate, remodelMy neighbors are fixing their house up.

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