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get * across +cause to be understoodIt’s difficult to get humor across in another language.
get aheadmake progressI can’t get ahead even though I work two jobs.
get ahead of +surpassYou need to work overtime in order to get ahead of schedule.
get alonghave a good relationshipDo you and your sister get along?
get along with +have a good relationshipGiovanna doesn’t get along with her two brothers.
get around +avoid someone or somethingSome people get around paying taxes by hiring a good accountant.
get aroundgo many placesIt’s easy to get around town with public transportation.
get awayescapeThe bank robbers got away.
get away with +do something against the rules or illegal and not get caught or punishedMy sister gets away with everything!
get bysurvive without having the things you need or wantI lost my job, so I am having a hard time getting by this year.
get by on +survive with minimal resourcesIt’s nearly impossible to get by on making minimum wage.
get by with +manage withYou don’t need a computer. You can get by with the typewriter.
get down to +get serious about a topicEnough small talk. Let’s get down to business.
get in +enter ( a car, a small boat)Get in the front seat. You will have more leg room.
get inenterGet in. I will give you a ride to school
get * off +send (a package)I finally got my sister’s birthday present off yesterday.
get * offremove ( a spider from your shirt)Can you get this spider off my shirt?
get off +leave (a bus, plane, train, boat)We need to get off the bus at the next stop.
get offleaveIt’s dangerous to sit on the roof. Get off!
get offidiomatic phrase – How does he justify saying that?!Where does he get off saying that?!
get * onput on (clothes)You should get your jacket on because it’s going to be cold.
get onenter (a bus, train), mount (a horse, a bike)The train is leaving. Quick, get on!
get on +enter (a bus, train), mount ( a horse, a bike)Get on my bike and I will give you a ride home.
get onhave a good relationshipNatasha doesn’t get on with her co-workers.
get on with +have a good relationshipDo you get on with your neighbors?
get on with +continue an activityNow that the police have left, let’s get on with the party!
get out of +exit (a small boat, car, an enclosed area)I fell into the water when I tried to get out of the canoe.
get over +recover (a cold, a disease, an ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend)Jennifer still hasn’t gotten over her breakup with Peter.
get through +completeWe will never get through all of these boxes by 9:00 PM.
get through +penetrateWe need a stronger drill to get through this wall.
get throughpenetrateThe door was jammed, so we couldn’t get through.
get through (with) +finishHave you gotten through with your homework yet?
get through to +make contactIt’s hard to get through to Janet because her telephone line is always busy.
get * upcause someone to rise (from a sitting position or a lying position)Ahmed got Abdul up at 5:30 in the morning by turning the music up really loud.
get uprise (from sitting position or a bed)What time did you get up this morning?
give * away +give something without asking for anything in exchangeWhy did Nancy give all of her furniture away?
give * away +betray (a secret)We are having a surprise party for Susan next Saturday, so don’t give our surprise away by acting suspicious.
give * back +return something you borrowedWhen are you going to give that book back to your teacher?
give instop tryingNever give in! You can do it!
give  off +release (a smell, light)That white flower gives off a beautiful smell.
give * out +distributeI earn extra money by giving out brochures on the street.
give outbecome very tired (inf.)I hope this car doesn’t give out in the middle of the desert.
give * up +surrender somethingThe police told the thief to give his gun up.
give upsurrenderNever give up learning English!
go awayleaveI yelled at the dogs to make them go away.
go backreturnWhen are you going back to your house?
go by +go past, go close to, visit quicklyWe go by the coffee shop everyday.
go back on +not keep (one’s word, a promise)Don’t trust him. He always goes back on his promises.
go downdecreaseThe cost of flight tickets is going down.
go for +try to achieveOur team is going for the gold medal in the Olympics.
go foridiomatic phrase – I am craving pepperoni pizza.I could go for pepperoni pizza.
go in for +participate ( inf.)Are you going to go in for soccer this year at school?
go into +discuss in detailI really don’t want to go into that now.
go offexplodeThe bomb could go off at any moment.
go offbegin, start (used with signals, alarms, warning sounds)The alarm clock went off at 6:00 AM.
go offstop (said of a machine)The DVD player goes off automatically if you are not using it.
go offbecome angryMaria went off last night after I told her about losing her bike.
go oncontinuePlease, go on. Don’t let me interrupt you.
go onhappenThis place is a mess! What went on here last night?
go on with +continue ( a plan, a conversation)I think we should go on with the meeting and stop wasting time.
go outstop burning ( a fire)The fire went out after three days.
go outtake part in social activities (usually at night)They love to go out every Saturday night.
go over +reviewDo you usually go over your notes before class?
go overbe well received, succeedThat didn’t go over well.
go through +examine in detail, study carefullyI need to have my lawyer go through this contract before I sign it.
go through +endure; experience challenges, difficulties or traumasShe has gone through so much in her life.
go through with +continue or proceed despite difficulties or fearsI have decided to go through with the operation.
go with +match (clothing)That shirt doesn’t go with those pants.
go with +accompany a personI am going with Alejandro to the party.
go with +have a boyfriend/girlfriendI am going with Yuri.
go without +abstain from something you want or needA person can go without water for three days.
grow undergo out of businessThe restaurant went under after it lost its liquor license.
grow upmatureYour brother needs to grow up and start thinking about his future.

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