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wait on +serve, service (a table)Each waitress waits on three different tables in the restaurant.
wait upnot sleep because you are waiting for something or someoneDon’t wait up.
wait up for +not sleep because you are waiting for someone or somethingLet’s wait up for Mary to see how her date went.
wake * up +awaken someoneThe car alarm woke me up at 6:00 in the morning.
wake upawakenWake up. It’s time to get ready for work.
wash upclean oneselfMake sure you wash up before dinner.
wash * up +cleanIf we work together, we can wash the kitchen up in a few minutes.
watch outbe carefulWatch out – there’s a rattlesnake!
watch out for +be careful ofWatch out for snakes while you are hiking in the desert.
wear offdisappear after a period of timeThe affects of the medicine will wear off after a few hours.
wear * outuse until something is not useable anymoreIf you wear the same shoes everyday, you’ll wear them out.
wear * outcause to be very tiredHer three kids wore me out.
wind up +finish (inf.)If he doesn’t get his act together, he is going to wind up in jail.
wind * up +tighten the spring of a watch or similar machineHe wound up the toy dog and set it on the floor.
wind * up +cause an animal or a child to behave wildlyThe kids always get wound up when Uncle Henry comes over.
wipe * out +massacre or destroyThe tidal wave wiped out the small fishing village.
wipe * outcause to be very tiredAfter surfing all day, I was completely wiped out.
work * out +solveI hope you two can work out your problems.
work outexerciseI work out three times a week at the fitness center.
work outbe successfulI am glad your new catering business is working out.
write * down +recordWrite down the directions so you don’t forget them.
write * out +write down every word or letterHe wrote out the lyrics so I could understand what the singer was saying.
write * up +prepare a reportHe wrote up a business proposal in order to get a loan.

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