Family Tree

Family Tree

Family Tree

Ben and Vicky’s Family

Family Tree

parents: dad, mum
sitter, uncle, aunt , cousin

son, daughter
grandchildren: grandson, granddaughter

brother, children, nephew, niece

married, single

Family Tree 2

Family Tree

All the people here are Damon’s relatives.
Luke is Dave and Maggie’s son.
Karen is Dave and Maggie’s daughter.
Maggie is Dave’s wife. Dave is Maggie’s husband.
Elsie and Alf are Maggie’s parents (= mother and father).

Dave is Paul’s brother-in-law.
Jane is Maggie’s sister-in-law.
James is Maggie’s nephew.
Karen is Paul’s niece.
Luke is Elsie’s grandson.
Jessica is Elsie’s granddaughter.

Family Tree 3

Family Tree


1 husband  2 wife

3 father  4 mother

5 daughter   6 son   7 baby

8 sister   9 brother

10 grandmother   11 grandfather

12 granddaughter   13 grandson

1 uncle
2 aunt
3 niece
4 nephew
5 cousin
6 mother-in-law
7 father-in-law
8 son-in-law
9 daughter-in-law
10 brother-in-law
11 sister-in-law

Family history

My parents got married 2 5 years ago. Two years later, my brother, Luke, was born. Then I was born a year after that. I’ve also got a sister, Karen, who is two years younger than me, so there are five of us in my family. Luke’s got a girlfriend, Sue, and they live in a small flat. Karen and I still live with our mum and dad. We spend a lot of time together.

get married become husband and wife (get divorced stop being husband and wife)
be born start your life
have got have
there are five of us not we are five
mum mother
dad father
spend time with someone be with someone
and do things with them together with each other

Age – Physical Description

baby, toddler
child, teenager, young adult
adult, middle-aged person, senior citizen


Members of the Family

  • aunt    brother   cousin
  • daughter   father
  • granddaughter
  • grandfather
  • grandmother
  • grandson
  • husband   mother
  • nephew  niece
  • sister    son
  • uncle     wife

To identify a member of the family of someone’s husband or wife, add in-law after the relationship word.

  • For example, a man’s mother-in-law is his wife’s mother.
  • brother-in-law; mother-in-law; daughter-in-law; sister-in-law; father-in-law; son-in-law

Categories for People

  • acquaintance
  • girl
  • neighbor
  • baby
  • guest
  • teenager
  • boy
  • host
  • visitor
  • child
  • hostess
  • woman
  • friend
  • man

Words for People

boy: a male child from birth to age eighteen

  • My sister has three children, two boys and a girl.

bum: a person who makes no effort to succeed

  • She says her neighbor is a lazy bum.

a man who pays a lot of attention to his clothes

  • Her new boyfriend is a handsome dude.

form of address to a friend (slang)

  • “Dude, we’re having a party; come on over.”

a stranger (slang)

  • I was walking down the street and that dude started talking to me.

gentleman: a man with good manners

  • Your brother is a perfect gentleman.

a female child from birth to age eighteen

  • Your daughter is a lovely girl.

a young, unmarried woman

  • Our neighbor is a girl who is in law school.

guy: a boy or man (informal)

  • That guy who works at the drugstore is very helpful.

kid: a male or female child (informal)

  • There are a lot of kids in that family.

lady: a woman with good manners

  • The lady who lives across the street is a teacher.

man: an adult male

  • There are six men in the study group.

tomboy: a girl who likes to play boys’ games

  • When I was ten years old I was a real tomboy.

woman: an adult female

  • I met an interesting woman at the meeting.

young lady: a young woman with good manners

  • The girls have grown up and are now charming young ladies.

a young man

  • One of the youths at the convention gave a good speech.

young people

  • The youth of today have many opportunities.


acquaintance: a person you have met but don’t know very well

  • An acquaintance of mine works in your office.

boyfriend: a male who is someone’s romantic interest

  • Are you bringing your boyfriend to the party?

classmate: a person who is in the same class with someone at school

  • The school is so big, I don’t even know all of my classmates.

colleague: a person someone works with professionally

  • All of my colleagues agree with the new plan.

companion: a friend someone spends a lot of time with or lives with

  • They are good companions; they go everywhere together.

coworker: a person who works in the same place as someone

  • She cannot get along with any of her coworkers.

fiance: a male to whom someone is engaged to be married

  • He gave her a diamond ring, so now he’s her fiance.

fiancee: a female to whom someone is engaged to be married

  • She has been his fiancee for five years.

friend: a person you know and like

  • She has a lot of friends here.

girlfriend: a female who is someone’s romantic interest

  • I can’t bring my girlfriend, because she lives in another city.

a companion

  • Her partner works at the local nursery

a person who co-owns a business with someone

  • My doctor is out of town, but his partner will see me.

roommate: a person someone shares a room with

  • We have a big room at college, so I have two roommates.