Ask, answer questions about language

Question- Answer

What does ‘dreadful’ mean? (not What means ‘dreadful’?)
I don’t know. = It’s a new word for me. or It means ‘terrible’.

What’s this called in English?
I can’t remember. = I knew the word yesterday, but I don’t know it today. or It’s a stamp.

How do yon say ‘pasaporte’ in English?

Could you explain ‘No vacancies’? (not Could you explain me…?)
Yes, you see it in a hotel window. It means the hotel is full. There are no free rooms.

What’s the difference between ‘hello’ and ‘hi’?
The meaning is the same, but ‘hi’ is informal.

What’s the opposite of ‘large’?

How do you pronounce ‘May’?
/mei/, like ‘day’.

‘Eight’ is pronounced /ait/.Is that right? or Is that correct?
No, that’s wrong, or That’s not right. It’s pronounced /eit/.

How do you spell ‘apple?
I’m not sure. Is it one ‘p’ or two? or A-double P-L-E. (double P = two Ps)