Whoever, Whatever, Whichever, However, Whenever and wherever

  1. These words mean “it doesn’t matter who”, “it doesn’t matter what”. etc
  2. Whoever, Whatever, Whichever are also relative pronouns: they can be the subjects or objects of clause.
whoever etc +clause +clause
clause whoever etc +clause
  • Whoever telephones, tell them I’m out/ I’m not opening the door, whoever you are
  • Whatever you do, I’ll always love you/ Keep calm, whatever happens
  • “Which is my bed?” ” You can have whichever you like”
  • However much he eats, he never gets fat/ People always want more, however rich they are
  • Whenever I go to London I visit the Nation Gallery/ You can come whenever you like
  • Wherever you go, you’ll find Coca-Cola/ The people were friendly wherever we went