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read up on +research a topic for a reasonI need to read up on the company before I go on the job interview.
ring * uptelephoneJack rung me up last night at 3:00 in the morning.
rule * out +eliminateI wouldn’t rule out the possibility of moving to another country if I get a good job offer.
run across +find or meet unexpectedlyI ran across some old photos while I was cleaning my house.
run against +compete in an electionGore ran against Bush in the 2000 elections in the U.S.A.
run awayleave home permanently before you are a legal adultThe child ran away because her parents beat her.
run away from +escape fromThe child ran away from its parents.
run * downtraceHave you run down those phone numbers I asked for last week?
run * downcriticizeMy boss runs everyone down.
run * downhit with a carMy dog was run down by a bus.
run downloose power, be very tiredYou need to wind your watch so it doesn’t run down.
run for +campaign for a government positionGore is running for president of the U.S.A.
run into +meet unexpectedlyI ran into my English teacher at the movies last night. She’s so nice!
run * off +make leaveThe new government is trying to run the drug traffickers off.
run * offreproduce (photocopies)Would you mind running off 10 copies of this document for me?
run offleave quicklyWhy did you run off after the party?
run offwaste waterYou shouldn’t swim where the sewage runs off into the ocean.
run out of +not have any more of somethingWe ran out of milk this morning, so we need to go to the store.

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