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hand * back +returnIs the teacher going to hand back our tests today?
hand * down +pronounce formallyThe president is going to hand his decision down on health care tonight.
hand * down +give as an inheritanceWhen my clothes got too small for me as a child, I handed them down to my sister.
hand * in +submitI have to hand in an offer by March 12.
hand * out +distributeWe should hand the concert fliers out at school.
hand * over +relinquish control ofHand your car keys over. You’re too drunk to drive.
hang around +stay in a place for fun ( inf.)Maria and Salvador usually hang around the beach after school.
hang aroundstay in a place for funThose guys just hang around all day.
hang * up +suspend (clothes on a hanger)You can hang your jacket up in the front closet.
hang upput down the telephone receiverDon’t hang up. I’m going to change phones.
hang out +stay in a place for fun (inf.)Let’s go hang out at the mall tonight.
hang outstay in a place for funWhat are you doing? – – I’m just hanging out.
have * on +wearDo you have your hiking boots on?
have * overinvite guests to your homeWhy don’t we have Mr. and Mrs. Jones over for dinner tonight.
hear from +receive news from (a letter, an e-mail)Have you heard from Steve lately?
hear of +know about something or somebodyHave you heard of chocolate covered ants?
hit on +find on accidentI hit on the idea while watching the Simpsons show.
hit on +flirt withJay’s friend Marc was trying to hit on my sister last night.
hold * back +restrainThe police held the demonstrators back while the politicians entered the building.
hold backnot allow to advance in schoolThe teacher held Frank back a year, so he couldn’t enter fifth grade.
hold * off +restrainMr. Johnson held the dog off while we crossed the yard.
hold off on +delayWe should hold off on making dinner until your parents arrive.
hold ongrasp tightlyHold on tight! The roller coaster is about to take off.
hold ontell someone to wait on the telephoneHold on a minute. I’ll get Carol.
hold on to +grasp tightlyMake sure you hold on to the hand rail as you walk down the stairs.
hold outnot give in, continue to resistStop holding out and tell us where you found all of these old records.
hold out against +not give in, resistThey held out against enemy attack.
hold * up +delay (a flight, traffic);The accident held traffic up for an hour.
hold * up +rob (a bank, a person) with a weaponFive men held the bank up yesterday.
hook * up +make the electrical connections required for a machine or information serviceCan you hook up the fax machine for me?

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