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save * up +accumulate (money)I hope I will be able to save up enough money to go to school.
see about +arrange or consider somethingMy dad said he was going to see about buying me a car.
see * offsay good-bye to someone at the beginning of their trip (at the airport, train station)Did you see your sister off at the train station?
see to +make sure something happens, arrangeI’ll see to it that Mr. Ramirez gets your message.
see * throughfinish something despite difficultiesAre you going to be able to see your studies through now that you have a baby?
sell * outtell on someoneMy partner in crime sold me out for a reduced jail sentence.
set * uparrange a relationshipMy mom set me up with her friend’s son.
set * upfalsely incriminate a personI don’t think he killed those men. Somebody set him up.
set up +arrange (an appointment, a meeting,etc.)I set up an appointment with my doctor at 3:30 this afternoon.
settle on +make a decision after a period of timeI settled on the job at the oil company.
settle uppay one’s debtsWe need to settle up before you move.
show * off +show to everybody with a lot of prideHe always shows off his new things.
show offboast, draw attention to oneselfYoung boys show off in order to impress girls.
show * upmake someone seem inferiorHe’s always trying to show up his co-workers in order to get ahead.
show uparrive without previous noticeI hadn’t seen my cousin for years, and all of a sudden, he showed up at my workplace yesterday!
shut * offstop from functioningIf you don’t pay your electric bill, your power is going to get shut off.
shut * upmake quietWould someone shut him up! He’s talking so loudly that we’re going to get in trouble.
slow * down +make move more slowlyBecause Mary’s level in English is lower than the rest of the students, she slows the class down.
slow * up +make move more slowlyBecause Mary’s level in English is lower than the rest of the students, she slows the class up.
spell * out +to explain something in a detailed way so that the meaning is clearly understoodHe’s so stupid that you have to spell everything our for him.
stand bywaitI need you to stand by and answer the phone when my broker calls.
stand for +representSCUBA stands for “self contained underwater breathing apparatus.”
stand for +tolerateI won’t stand for people criticizing me.
stand outbe very noticeableSoledad is so beautiful! She really stands out in a crowd.
stand * upnot arrive to a date or an appointment (inf.)I arranged to meet Joe at the library at 8:00, but he stood me up. I hope he has a good excuse.
stand up for +defend (something one believes in)Every individual must stand up for what they believe in.
stand up to +defend oneself against someone or somethingI think you should stand up to your older brother and tell him to stop pushing you around.
stay overspend the night at a person’s houseIt takes you so long to take the bus home, so why don’t you just stay over?
stick it to +severely criticize a person (inf.)My boss really stuck it to me when I arrived late to work for the third time this week.
stick to +persevere, keep tryingEven though English is a hard language to master, you must stick to it!
stick up for +defend oneself or opinionsJoseph joined the army because he believes he must stick up for his country.

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